About the series

In the emergence of modernity, with the invention of the individual, the portrait genre was born. The human beings wanted to separate themselves from the scheme of mysterious stories that involved the earth with divinities and people with beasts. They wanted to guarantee a distinctive identity.

In the series Tunning, Vivian Galban submits portrait pride to dissolution. A sequence of light, time and space boxes submits the body to an escape line that turns it imprecise and unreachable. Like a sort of phantasmic Muybridge. After years of obsessive working on the same model, with a hyperrealistic treatment, she hides her gaze and sneaks away from photographic fixation. Up close, it is reduced to a shapeless field and flashing spots and stirrings. Even that which is the object of our attention, slips away like the inconceivable universe. Where the similarity fades, the photograph reveals its distinctive power. Still undecipherable, it is the material imprint of an existence.

Valeria Gonzalez, 2013