About the series

The series Mist tracks a composition-decomposition of the image into something like an abstract painting. It deepens in the search of plastic abstraction of the body. Vivian Galban tries the ability of photography to dissolve the boundaries without losing the whole figuration, trying to establish a double reading: what we intuit as a shape and what vanishes as such.

The attitude of Vivan Galban has an anchorage in the self, in her quest for otherness. Her references and obsessions abbreviate expressionism. We recognize a tendency to a certain tragic feeling of life, to obsession. The figures dissolve or rebel trying to escape the frame. The artist researches the ability of light to blend colors without the existence of matter. In the direct digital shot, the color is randomly selected and the unexpected is subsequently captured. The staging bares an aspect of the human condition. Her back women are colorful, evanescent, elusive and at the same time unreachable spots. Somehow lies an epic, an open story.

Valeria González, 2013