Exhibition in Real Time Book


Exhibition in Real Time Book

One year before the onset of the pandemic altered our notion of time, artist Vivian Galban extended an invitation to an experience where perception and the event were to be found on the same plane. The singular aspect of this invitation was the presence of a camera obscura that occupied almost the entire exhibition space, and the performance the artist carried out during the hours it was on public view.

… Here, photography is like choreography, a network of emotions and effects, that is, when technology is understood not as a gadget, but as a complex mechanism inserted within a system of procedures and disciplines that shape the political. Vivian Galban more of an inductor or accomplice than an author in this case, pushes photographic language into a field of collective agency, a making in common that puts the focus on the idea of performability….

Alfredo Aracil

The book contains the documentation of the performance, the documents resulting from the action and the reactivation layout and protocol, along with texts by Leandro Villaro, Alfredo Aracil and Gabriel Palumbo.

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