Déjà vu

About the series

DEJA VU is a project with minimalist and ascetic setting by Vivian Galban, which is intensely intertwined with her own vision of the world and previous works. There is a lingering binary dialogue that was once linked to Ying Yang. A body in an amniotic primitive oval space.

Who is it? Is it the bearer or the born? Ambiguities condensed on a single layer slip through in the creation of shape and the awakening of the senses, then again it is a video composed of a sequence of photographs, resembling a drawing, where the woman is as much of an adult as an unborn child. A repertoire of gestures become progressively printed on our consciousness as lifelong marks. They are our first barriers, the opening and closing present in the journey of the need of self-protection, the search for pleasure as healing learning experiences, the first gestures that make the cocoon of life open. Trials and errors in a healing attempt. Vivian Galban is the offspring of expressionism, the echoes of Egon Schiele, Louise Bourgeois or Lucian Freud become present in her tragic sentiment towards life, in the tension of her gaze. Figure, background, life and death allegories, ends and beginnings, a spec in space where all timelines converge.

Graciela Taquini, 2014

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