About the series

The Anima series, photography and video by Vivian Galban, entails an expressive search of the human existence and condition.
A plain black frame gives space to inquisitiveness, and both comforts and searches for meaning at the same time.
In terms of compositional elements, there is a synthesis which leaves us thinking of the influence of primitive art and the need to summarize a message.

The time needed to identify the fragmented parts of the body urges us to put the pieces together, and draws us closer to a cubist search.
The simultaneous contrast of the plain black frame rimming the shape made of light brings forward the expressiveness of the body, the drama and the movement inherent to the entirety of this artwork.
Anima is thought provoking and welcomes the memory of the human being and its animal condition. It condenses memory, remembrance, and future in a timeless manner.

Graciela Taquini, 2012

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