About two bodies

About the series

“[…] with these photographs she also questions the relationship between body and female image, body and male image. The affective mist surrounding the definition of these singularities, which are not singularities, that are singularities in terms of the representation of a person’s affectivity, but not in terms of the sharp separation between two heteronormative ways of understanding sexuality or bodies”.

Andrea Giunta, Rethink Everything notes, 2020

“‘Yin y Yan’ is a principle of Eastern philosophy that maintains that all things in the universe exist by and coexist alongside an other that opposes them, that complements them. In addition to Moira, the model that Vivian works with for years, a second model allows us to interrogate the borders of a binary sexuality. The limits of the bodies are blurred in a hypnotic video that makes evident the points of contact between bodies that, juxtaposed, question each others“.

Andrea Giunta, Rethink Everything notes, 2020

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